Kathryn Harrison curates Don't Smile's latest exhibition, "Family Frames," featuring thirty photographs made by twenty women. A limited-edition zine will soon follow. March 2020

On March 6, 2020, Hawkins Court in Sarasota, Florida presents a selection of photographs and a film from Kathryn Harrison's series, "Blue-Stained Walls."

Fav Photos Found In 2019: 64 Photos By 64 Photographers on Booooooom, December 2019

"Blue-Stained Walls" by Photographer Kathryn Harrison featured on Booooooom, November 2019

Kathryn Harrison curates the traveling alumni exhibition "Signs from the Interior," which opens in January 2019 at The International Center of Photography in New York City. The exhibition later opens in June 2019 at Crossley Gallery in Sarasota, Florida.

Southern Gothic tropes haunt Kathryn Harrison. It’s a long-tangled thread running through her family—one she has incessantly tried to make straight. But in the course of her own life, the questions central to the genre are anything but fictive. They’re eternal questions about addiction, illness, loss, and death; questions about where her brother is sleeping tonight, if he’s relapsed, how she’ll explain this all to her nephew, or what the world would look like if her mom’s health goes South again. And somewhere beneath that constellation of contingency, she asks where she might find herself when the stars fall.
-Michael Adno, "Blue-Stained Walls" at Hawkins Court

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